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Washer Repair Richmond Hill

There are two types of combo washer/dryer machines available on the market at this time, top loading washers and classic front loaders.  These machines work quite effectively in smaller areas and are usually cheaper than buying two individual models.  They are very common in condominium and apartment units where space may be an issue.

Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loading washing machines are considered to be traditional in terms of their style, featuring a door at the top of the machine.  Top loading washers can be particularly harsh on delicate items, as they use an agitator to cycle the clothing around in the machine.  If you do not buy a combo device, you will have to purchase clothes dryer to go next to it.  This is usually only an issue for those who own or rent smaller properties and want to save space.  Aside from the drawbacks, top-loading machines tend to be much less expensive than their front-loading competitors.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Front loading washing machines are the newest style of washers and have proven themselves for being both energy and water efficient.  Some of the more expensive models can include options for steam cycles and even 2-in-1 models are making an appearance on the market, which have a dryer built in.  Aside from the possibility of a musty smell, a few disadvantages of this style of washer is that it can take longer to do some cycles.  The door will lock as soon as you start the cycle, so for those who forget and want to add just one more item to the load you will be out of luck

High Efficiency Top Loading Washing Machine