Stove Repair Richmond Hill

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves were once the most popular type of electric range and are still commonly found in homes today.  They can implement more classic designs, however the newer designs include a ceramic top instead of metal burners.  The porcelain ceramic top is favoured for easy cleaning, but can be damaged or broken if not properly taken care of.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are the go-to choice for professionals and property owners for their rapid heating and temperature flexibility.  Due to building safety issues, gas stoves are typically not found in condominiums or apartments.  There is certainly always a risk of gas leaks occurring, we highly recommend getting an inspection done at least once a year.

Dual Fuel Ranges

Duel-fuel ranges usually have a gas cooktop and electric oven.  In some cases they can have two ovens; one gas and one electric.  The idea behind these appliances is that gas heats pots and pans on the cooktop more quickly and evenly while electric ovens provide more even heat to items within and brown the tops of items more evenly without needing to turn them.